New year, new time!

The world is changing; people are changing. I know many people think that sometimes we move two steps forward and then three steps back. Trans issues are so heated, and even though we are definitely seeing some change around the world, there is not a lot. As trans people, we and our allies have to come together in the new year and make a resolution to stop complaining and stand up and fight for the things we need and want. We need to put our voices out there. We need to be visible for the ones who cannot be visible and fight for them as well. Ever since I came out over 16 years ago as a trans woman, I have always been vocal and out in front. I have tried to be visible and work hard for our community. Something I have learned in last few years is that I am privileged to be in a place to pass on the message to society, and I believe it is my job to speak out and fight for the ones who are not as privileged as I am. I have been asked by many non-trans people how can they help. My answer to support and lend your voice to the movement. Be there and show trans people you will fight with them and for them. Our change has to come just like the civil rights movement and the Stonewall riots brought about change. We have to fight even harder for ourselves next year and not let government scare us or bully us back into the closet. My New Year’s resolution of hope is to do as much as I can to make a change and make sure we’re taking two more steps forward and never having to take three steps back. Let’s make 2017 about big changes and fight for the good and ourselves!
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